BRENDAN RODGERS has defended his record signing Odsonne Edouard after many in the media seem to be pointing the finger at the Frenchman for not scoring as of late.

However, the Irishman would not single out his young striker for any sort of criticism and put the responsibility for the lack of goals on the whole team.

Speaking ahead of Celtic’s away day to Kilmarnock, the Celtic manager believes the bhoys must buck up their ideas from back to front if they are going to start firing again.

“Odsonne’s working hard, but confidence is a big thing for players,”

“It is not him that is the issue. For us, it’s our whole team. Collectively we’re not attacking at the same level.

“The offensive side of our game as a whole, from back to front, needs to improve.”

People need to also remember the lad is only 20-years-old and with that, there is always going to be some inconsistency with young players coming through.

There is no doubt the striker has the talent and Rodgers will be working hard to get the best out of him.

The Irishman is correct in the team contributing as a whole as the midfield creativity seems to have dried up in favour of sideways passing in the last month or so.

Celtic have only scored a goal a game in their first five SPFL games this season and they’ll be looking to as one or two more today at Kilmarnock – but it won’t be easy.


  1. It’s nothing to do with age Rodgers your talking rubbish he is not an out and out goalscorer end of Rodgers he rubbish griffs better player than him your clueless and so are your scouts I would love to meet u all tell u straight to your face ya numpty Rodgers it had took wee griffs come on against rosenborg cos French onion couldnae score in a brothel

  2. The regular criticism of Leigh Griffiths by BR over the past year has been unfair, unwarranted and counter productive. Dembele might have attracted a large transfer fee, but I would select Leigh over him or Edouard every time. Of those three only Griffiths has the ability to change the shape of the other team and create space for himself and others. For the past few months I had worried that he might have been offered to Hibs for McGinn. Thankfully that didn’t happen.
    Our lacklustre performance at Kilmarnock today was so depressing. Multiple ex Huns strategically placed throughout the league playing out of their skin against us. Meanwhile We were still playing too much in our own third of the park. We had a major opportunity today to close the gap on the league leaders after their slip up. However we were no better than we have been recently. BR said a lot about our need to change our approach. Since the stalemate at St Mirren when we seemed to settle for a draw there has been little evidence that he knows how to achieve that. We need to win at Perth on Wednesday. Nothing else will be acceptable. Mon the hoops. Hail Hail

  3. I suspect that BR is looking for a way out. This stupid talk of losing cobnfidence and back yo the drawing board is total toss. The double treble champions created the drawing board. Brendan I’d at a loss. He’s been found out and won’t hang around for failure to add to his CV. HE’ll be as soon as a position comes up in the EFL.
    He’s lost my confidence in my team, the team are lost, the captain is heading for an iceberg.


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