It’s been a wild international week thus far and it just got a little bit more funny with images coming out of Ibrox today showing a tourist strutting around the place with his Hoops on!

The pictures which emerged on social media this afternoon show a keen tourist taking pictures during the Ibrox tour boldly wearing his Callum McGregor shirt.

The lad seems to be blissfully unaware of his West of Scotland faux pas as he takes in the blue room and gets a picture of that famous bike they have lying around.

Tourists that come to the city might not no the divide as well as the people who live here or support either team. I hope he was given the warmest of welcomes as he turned up for the tour.

After all, I’d expect Celtic to roll out the green carpet for anyone doing a tour in their Gers top – we could show them what the European Cup looks like and maybe even let them get a photo with it.


  1. They’ll be shouting it’s all a conspiracy.First the Bogus Tax Nonsense with 55 Gazillion Quid in Compensation for Dying a Humiliating Death now a Bhoy in the Baloooo Room.What Next(A Statement)from the One and Only Lying King😱..One things a Fead Cert,Theyre not short of a Laugh or Two or Three☘HfH☘


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