We saw Christopher Jullien claim he had been fouled in the lead up to Celtic’s goal on social media when he replied to the big Irishman BUT we didn’t realise at the time he ACTUALLY claimed for a penalty.

The Frenchman is usually the most aggressive Celtic player in the opposition box but he got a hard introduction to his new centre back team mate Shane Duffy.

Shane took off when the ball came in and only had eyes for the ball, so much so, he clattered Jullien out the way. With the Frenchman on the deck, he had no idea Duffy had scored and was screaming for a penalty. See pic below.

Here are the full highlights where you can see it in live action. https://twitter.com/herecelts/status/1305066507655929857?s=21

Duffy grew into the game and by the end his physical presence was a game changer. Someone who will run through brick walls for the team is exactly the type of player we need.

As for Jullien, he’ll need to up his physical game to make sure he can stay on his feet next time!


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