You may have seen this heartwarming video during the week about how a man’s misfortune managed to turn on its head. The misfortune is really the silly fine issued by police and the general laws that exist to keep people like Gary down and isolate them further from society.

But sometimes good things can come from bad situations and luckily that is the case here for “Celtic Gary.”

The BBC highlights the kindness of others as Gary tries to help himself get back to his feet. In a world where too often people are solely focused on their own self-interest it’s nice to see a story like this get some attention.

The story of Celtic Gary.

A crowdfunding page was set up to help raise a £1000 and it gives a very good bio of the man behind the Celtic top.

Celtic Gary lives in this make-do shelter accommodation in between the Library and Greggs. Let me tell you about Gary, a long time ago when he was sat here in this alley a little old lady slipped on some wet leaves and he went to her and offered her a cup of tea with the change that he had. He made sure the little old lady was safe and OK before she went on her way. The next day he mentioned to the street cleaning team that they needed to clear the wet leaves up as an old lady had slipped and was told to mind his own business.

There and then he determined that no other lady would EVER fall over in that alley ever again whilst he was there., he keeps this place spotless. It is the cleanest street/alley in the city because he picks and sweeps it all day long with his hands and his brushes.

It’s fantastic to see a city council act with a bit of humanity and common sense.

Click here to donate to the crowdfunding page.


  1. Good on ya an the good people of Coventry . Decent man fell on hard times . Hope you get a roof over ya head soon. I been Coventry a few times ,big Celtic support there . green an white blue an white .who cares good people deserve to have shelter warmth and a place to call home .

  2. Thanks for covering this on Celts are Mark. I’m the guy that started the fundraiser and blew the whole thing up. I was furious that the council had dined Gary.
    Three years ago when I was homeless I met a man in the same alley called Robert Morrison. Robert too was a Celtic Fan and The COVENTRY Emerald Celtic Supporters Club Adi McKeever got me a shirt then for Robert, Robert instantly became a Celtic Fan and not a homeless person with some challenges. Recently when I bought Celtic Gary up to Glasgow for Celtic FC Festival we went to visit Robert up in Paisley and it was good to see the two of them talk about Celtic obviously but share their experiences of the alley. I was able to get Robert a ticket too for Celtic Festival.

    I’ve had a long affiliation with Celtic as I was involved in the Richard Shaw Vs Celtic Testimonial when wee Gordon was manager and Henrik was playing.

    I came up with the idea of putting football shirts on homeless people so that they become fans and visible when I realised that people care, they just don’t always know how to start a conversation so I find out which football team they support them get them the shirt of their team. It seems to be working so far.

    Gary is coming up with the Supporters Association tomorrow to watch a game. The 1st game he’s seen in years at Paradise.

    You can follow our exploits at Team Shirt Friday on Facebook/Twitter etc. No website yet. Trying to get funding.

    #HailHail and thanks for covering me pals story, PS took me and a pal 48 hours to get him houses, about a week for a promise of a job which he just started this week.



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