There are so many screenshot moments when you live in the wacky world of Scottish football quotes when you’re a Celtic fan. We have had some belters over the years!

‘I won’t rest until I hear Champions League music at Ibrox’ – Charles Green

‘Scott Brown isn’t in my league’ – Joseph Barton

celtic top

Now we have Ibrox fullback James Tavernier telling the press he is at Ibrox for the long haul and wants to topple Celtic’s dominance.

“I came here to win trophies. Also, in all the O** F*** games I’ve played, I’ve only been on the winning side once so far. (On penalties)

“I want to win some more of them. I still have unfinished business as a Rangers player.”

James is determined to stop Celtic’s dominance, may we suggest at least a ten-year deal for the player so he has a slight chance of not leaving Ibrox with unfinished business.


  1. Your a muppet
    Everytime one of these muppets opens there thick mouth it just makes me laugh
    The we’re gonna do’s
    Enjoy the celtic show
    Here we go 10 in a row

  2. How Many More Times,Do we have to hear these Clowns talking out there arses.And the Media lap it up coz most if not all are HunZz.They talk a Good Game,Minus EBT’s This is exactly what SEVCO have,A squad of Loanees.The Sevco Masterplan,Loans Loans Loans.HWG10 IAR HH!!!!Those cheating lying vermin need to stop with the Old Firm BS…..Sevco are not and Never Will be Old Firm…

  3. Who cares wht any of them say? Celtic need to go about the business of shutting them up. And this transfer window has only emboldened them due to a stagnant Celtic, seemingly risking the 10 in a row and European progress by allowing them to strengthen without reply. For a club with their problems they have had an excellent transfer window and are undoubtedly a stronger team. They will continue to pull away from Aberdeen as the second club and if we are not careful they will close the gap. With the lazy, complacent, arrogant attitude at Celtic at the moment I expect them to beat us before the end of the season. Probably in the Scottish Cup. They have grown in confidence and will be much better than they have been for a long time. While many At Celtic sit around and talk about unbeaten runs and unspent money. Is this what Big Peter wants a resurgent Rangers* to ensure Celtic supporters don’t lose interest. Because the tory tosser sure doesn’t give a damn about progress at Celtic. why should he when we Brendan will continue to spout his garbage. We have taken our eye off the ball as we have been so busy patting ourselves on the back. Time for Brendan to meet the first real challenge he has had as Celtic manager. time for the supporters to stop being so stupid and Sevco -like and start demanding that Celtic act like a big club.

  4. Another Sevconian,Another Great Speech.Ive been saying it for long enough.We need to strengthen at the back.Its so obvious even a blind man could see the weaknesses in our defence.If we dont get some more decent recruits in before the window slams shut,We wont get far in the Europa,At the moment Zenit must be licking there lips at the prospect of Boyata and Lustig.And if and it is a Big IF,Sevco as much as muster a win against Us.How bloody stupid is Our Tight as a Ducks arse Board going to look,Then.Its ridiculous how we havent sorted out this problem,Long before Now.It is Worrying.Celtic as i know them,Have Never done things the easy Way…HH

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