NEIL McCANN has told the media that there has been a bid for his star defender Jack Hendry from Celtic but it has fallen below their valuation of the player.

Speaking ahead of this weekends SPFL fixtures McCann gave an update on the interest in Hendry.

¬†“There’s been a bid, a low bid, very low, but nothing since.

“I would think there would be more interest in the player but clearly they were told it wasn’t enough and that will be the message if it continues in that vein.”

Celtic are keen on the 22-year old but look unwilling to match Dundee’s initial¬†valuation.The player would a backup for Rodgers current crop of defenders so there’s a reluctance to match it at the moment

Celtic are still working on a number of deals before the window closes next week.


  1. So Celtic websites like this mock the huns for their low bids and their disrespect of the other clubs for Celtic to get up to the same nonsense. So what is your view on the club’s antics. Plenty to say when it is Sevco? I hope Hendry does not play for Celtic as he is not good enough. But Celtic in this transfer window have been an absolute joke. Rodgers is drowning in his own BS and he cannot remember what story he has told from dqay to day. Many supporters are absolutely sick of it knowing that we are not good enough and planning for the future has taken a back seat to saving today. It is pathetic. Believe me we are entering the last six months of Rodgers time at Celtic. He went down the same route at Liverpool. He was the maestro that almost got them the title and in just over a year he was delusional Brendan, an embarrassment. Sevco are having a field day. The less dumb amongst them know the league has gone this year but they are confident that a real challenge can be mounted next year. I have read even in theri darkest hour that they believed we would never do 10 in a row because our biggest enemies sit in our boardroom counting money. And do you know, for supporters that are really stupid they have that right. Our Directors do not think like a European club. Shoe-string skinflints all. There will be absolute hell to pay in the next couple of seasons if this once in a life time chance is blown and we lose the league to them. And if anyone says it is impossible then they are clearly dumber than they look.

  2. you are talking a load of crap and lucky for celtic than most supporters dont think along your lines . this is a case of clubs jumping on the band wagon asking ridiculous money because they think celtic are desperate . well i dont care if we sign anyone , we can still run riot round the teams we come up against , with our players we have especially when back to fitness , and as for your opinion of brendan rodgers hang your head in shame look at what he has achieved , been a god send for celtic , and he will be here till 10- in a row or when he decides he can not fofill his commitment to celtic then i believe that we will lose this great man , but so sad to here so many negative views in brendanand the bhoys , short memories , so god bless brendanand the bhoys and all at paradise .

  3. Well said Patricia about times people sobered up :- where’s all the players Goan to go…………….
    On Loan as to many players already HH


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