MARVIN BARTLEY has been a breath of fresh air on the Scottish punditry stage. We don’t always agree with him but his sincere and honest delivery is something we don’t have enough of at times.

The Livingston man regularly takes part in Superscoreboard and often gives a different perspective. Marvin also talks up the Scottish game whenever he can.

Speaking on Wednesday night in the run up to the Glasgow Derby on Sunday, the chat about Carl Starfelt being an issue for Celtic came up during the radio broadcast.

Carl has been dealing with these sorts of opinions since his slow start to life at Celtic. The Swede can play a blinder for 89 minutes but if he makes one mistake or wayward pass he gets dismissed as sloppy and unhelpful.

Marvin challenged that assertion on Superscoreboard :

“Just on Starfelt, I don’t understand the kind of stick that this man gets. He’s played 27 games for Celtic this season, they’ve only conceded 18 goals in the league.

“He might look untidy at times, but he is clearly doing his job. I think he deserves so much more respect.”

There are pundits and even Celtic fans who still don’t rate Carl when he’s continually put in top shifts for the Bhoys.

Ange has made it clear he is a massive proponent of Carl and there’s always going to be sticky moments because of the way the manager wants his centre-backs to play.

Since coming in this summer, Carl has been brilliant for the team and has helped us get into the position we’re in. He’ll have an off day, like many of the players, but he doesn’t let it affect him.

We completely agree with Marvin in this case.



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