Former Celtic striker Scott McDonald has made the claim Celtic fans are looking for another £3million man after seeing Brendan Rodgers leave his post back in February.

Neil Lennon has been in charge of the club since Rodgers departure and as we crawl towards our 8th consecutive title the former Parkhead man believes the fans want to see the board go spend big again.

Speaking to BBC Scotland, the Partick Thistle frontman said:

“I know for a fact that everything Brendan has done, everything he’s worked on, even the grassroots at the club, that will not change. That is there to stay, that philosophy is going nowhere.

“The players believed in Brendan Rodgers, in his shape, in his system. They kept believing they were going to get better. So for someone now to come in and tell them different it’s going to be very difficult.

“The Celtic fans will be thinking right now, ‘we went and spent £3m on a manager previous to now’. They do not want to go backwards on that. They want that £3m spent once again to get a top quality manager.”

The comments come as Neil Lennon and his Celtic side drew another SPFL blank which means they can’t personally wrap up the title next week without the help of Aberdeen.

Celtic’s performances in the league this year under Neil Lennon have been very poor, we have dug out results and had some very late goals which isn’t down to luck but it’s not ideal.

The players seem to be struggling with a new man in charge after Brendan Rodgers was their man for two and a half years. The Scottish Cup Semi-Final showed how good Celtic can be but more often than not we’ve been found wanting.

There are a lot of Celtic fans who want to see the club be ambitious and while they have a lot of love for Lennon, they don’t want him as the next full-time gaffer.


  1. I have always said that it is most important to spend money getting the correct manager in place.
    This was shown to be true with BR. It was also disappointing the way he left, but to continue going forward, the money has to be spent yet again on GETTING the correct calibre of manager and not the cheap option. We got £9M in compensation for BR which can be re-invested. If this happens, the rest should fall into place with players.

    I have purchased my season ticket yet again,with the expectation that we will make the correct choice and so I am watching closely in case we are fobbed off. We are limping towards the 8th title and it is now quite conceivable that we may lose it as nerves set in, both with players and crowd. This would be unforgivable. The board should not make the mistake of taking the fans for granted, as they have often in the past.

  2. As season tickets are bought what’s needed is a demonstration shortly and money earned. Is Celtic money, and hotel money must come from share holders


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