Harry Kewell has been discussing what his first few months have been like working under Ange Postecoglou and the expectations that the former Socceroos boss has.

Kewell was a well known name in world football and many Aussies were excited when it was announced that the would be joining Postecoglou at Celtic with both having done so much for the game down under over the years.


During his career, he achieved Champions League success with Liverpool and was arguably Australia’s greatest ever player. He was a top professional and knows exactly what it takes to be successful at this level meaning his appointment was very much welcomed.

The 44-year old had a difficult start to management being in charge of various clubs down south before he was given the chance to work alongside Ange which he jumped at.

For him, this has also been a learning process with the former Liverpool and Leeds United start revealing that he is as intense as he looks.

“Which I like, it keeps you on your toes,” said Harry Kewell speaking to Optus Sport. 

“It makes you think. Right have I got everything sorted? Have I got everything planned right? I’ve gotta make sure because he demands… his standards are here. You feel like you gotta to be ready. You gotta make sure you’re ready for it.

“You just wanna make sure my job’s done perfect.”

Kewell opened up on the opportunity being presented to him and his reaction to being given the call by Ange.

“To work with, not only a great manager, but an Australian manager, that has done it the tough way and being able now to, to come in, and really learn off someone because I’ve gone into coaching straight off the back of playing, which I love doing, there’s no question, but I’ve never really had guidance.

“So for this opportunity, that he’s presented me, I had to take it, and like I said, I will be forever grateful.”

It is always fascinating to get an insight into the coaching methods of Postecoglou which Kewell was able to give us a small peek into through his comments.

“I think he expects the same kind of effort, the same mentality that I brought as a player, to his coaching staff, to his squad, to his players.

“Your job here is to make the players better for the manager, you know ’cause he’s got enough on his plate and so our job is to come out here and make sure everything is run perfect for him because he works hard. He works extremely hard. I’m a hard worker but it’s very hard to beat him in, in the morning, you know, and I get here early and then it’s very hard to kind of leave because he’s still here and I love that.

The remit for Kewell has changed not being in the hot seat as he enjoys being able to take individuals to the side but has adapted very quickly to Postecoglou’s style of football.

“We know that the manager’s always been about ball possession, wanted to control the game. Always have that high press, trying to run teams into the ground and it takes a lot out of the players because it’s hard work.

“It’s easy to destroy, it’s easy to sit back and boot balls away and just sit in there and it’s harder to create. It’s harder to constantly run at people. It’s harder to find space and all that. But it’s fun, because if everyone’s on the same page, it works and then in moments, especially what I’ve seen, is when players may have dropped their heads slightly or this or that, that’s where the fans kick in, you know, with the chanting, with the constant cheering, with the constant driving the team forward and they get them excited.


“So when you do receive the ball, you want to go that extra mile.

“He’s got a Celtic team playing a certain style of football that is rock and roll. It’s hardcore. It’s – full on.”


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