We are in a position today where a player who has gone out to hurt his opponent has walked away from the incident with not so much as a slap on the wrist.

Welcome to Scottish football.

A place where you’re allowed to kick out at you opponents, as long as you don’t kick too hard.

That’s the precedent set today and since the start of the season by the SFA who have gone about their business in spectacularly comical fashion.

Alan McGregor got away with a big one on Sunday when the referee and officials didn’t spot his petulant kick out at Celtic defender Kristoffer Ajer. Had Collum seen the incident then McGregor would have walked and Celtic would have been awarded a penalty – neither of these happened.

So with every camera on Alan, with every conceivable angle covered it seemed a matter of when and not if the player would be punished for his thuggish behaviour.

Roll up the SFA compliance team. Erm Nothing to see here lads.

So we now have a scenario where everyone has seen McGregor perpetrate an unprovoked assault on a fellow professional that even his own manager blasted him for, yet nothing in the way of punishment.

Speaking on Sunday Steven Gerrard said:

“He’s lashed out. Of course I will speak to him about it.

“Look, I’m honest, I’ll tell you what I see. I’m not going to sit here and do otherwise.

“If something’s blatant, it’s blatant.”

Something stinks.

Let’s get this straight, this is no skin of Celtic’s backside in the long or short term – it means very little to the club to have this guy suspended after the original offence went unpunished on the day.

However, the precedent has now been set for the future. If a player gets away with a cheeky kick or stamp at the time then they should be in the clear – it’s as simple as that.

You can barely get more blatant than McGregor lashing out on Sunday. It sends the absolute wrong message to everyone in our game.

Cheats and thugs can get away with acting like morons even if there are 50 cameras pointed at them. It’s bizarre.


  1. Maybe Scooby Gerrard, will now see how much the aprons at the Sfa Aren’t oot for the hunz noo. Although its not carte blanche, to use their studded brogues on everyone. The ‘brogue stops here’ Fuc&ing orc’s.

  2. Did not expect a different outcome when
    Sevco are the ones fishing it out.
    Scottish football SORRY THUGGERY at its best.
    Shame on the compliance team,what a waste of

  3. Surely the Player’s Union should become involved in this, since, at some stage, a player may suffer a career ending injury which results in legal action to determine liability and compensation.
    The Union should be making its case for the protection of the Player’s clear, otherwise it could be the subject of an additional action with regard to vicarious liability.

  4. Ajer should take a private prosecution against that bastard McGregor and I’m sure if it was a costly affair the club and fans would back him. HH

  5. Listen folks, this was going nowhere,that was known before the ‘authorities ‘ meet to deal with it, the crux of the matter is ,they are so hellbent on on letting this load of scumbags off ,it beggers belief !!!!!!!!The loudmouth scouse is getting away with his crap and they are doing nothing , with the help of the press/media,’super stevie’has cart blanche now to do and say what he wants,just wait till we’ digress ‘ the press will be over us like a cheap suit.even in Europe their discipline is a shambles,!

    Now is the time to see if PL is worth his wages,and stand up for HIS/OUR club,only way to beat this is to get 8 then9, then10,hh,

  6. We all thought that McGregor and lafferty would get bans for the kicking and stamping. Well well there is going to be a lot kicking and stamping in the games this season and we will see how the so-called sfa will deal with NEW RULES.

  7. Precedent was set with the Morelos red card … reduced to a yellow … after that the SFA opened up a HUGE can of worms. There are other teams now moaning about the way their players are being treated compared to Sevco players … welcome to the party … took your time !! Will be very interesting to see IF something happened to a Celtic player regarding a Red card for kicking out (like Jozo’s foul for example) if the Club would appeal and what would the response from the SFA be ???


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