Bravado is a dangerous thing when you’re on the lower end of the totem pole and when you play your hand out of spite it can come back to bite you somewhere where the sun fails to shine.

Yesterday, the club/company emanating from Ibrox went above and beyond to pander to their own support after two years of complete ridicule.

The Ibrox club released a statement that read like an overly braggy teenager telling his pals he got lucky when all he did was abuse his old sports sock.

Due to ‘exceptional’ demand for season tickets because Steven Gerrard has come to town we will no longer be subjecting our fans to the sight of 8,000 Tims having a party – an inevitable scenario when you place your faith in a man who has played on the major stage but done nothing off it.

Celtic’s allocation at Ibrox will be cut by 90% to just 800 fans as they look to fill demand in the Broomloan end. Fair enough.

However, it comes at a price and that is 8,000 fans playing £50 a go twice a season in an upfront sum twice a season.

That’s £400,000 twice a season that will be surrendered by The Rangers board who will seek to fill the shortfall by selling more season tickets. The problem with that is, there will be very little coming upfront with staggered payments etc.

A move which is clearly to do with pandering to fans rather than for the good of the business. The sight of Celtic fans lapping up the glory at Ibrox has become too much for the bears to bare.

Celtic stand to gain a lot from this with a large waiting list of supporters seeking a season ticket, more are likely to be available and snapped up now that Celtic are clear to sell these two games to their fans.

With Celtic so strong financially, they will not have any problems or bank on the cash from The Rangers fans coming in twice a season. They will see this as a great opportunity to strengthen their position.

Good Luck to the Ibrox side, there will be more true blues crammed into Ibrox next term when Brendan Rodgers comes to town and runs riot with his Celtic side.



  1. Stupid Stupid zombies
    The muppet Gerrard will empty the crumbledome and then the begging will start. Please come back
    They can feck off
    Was never in the crumbledome
    Will never be in the crumbledome
    Not even when it’s a car park
    Hail Hail

  2. All the games ive been too,I can honestly and Proudly state,I”ve never ever never set foot in £broke,I wouldnt knowingly hand over moneys with the slightest notion of thought that Those Parasites would gain any profit from Me.I wouldnt ever Set foot in the Dome of Crumble.£50 to stand listening to the Vilest support known to man,singing theyre up to there knees in my blood.Aye Rite,fck them and there horrible (Clubs)

  3. It’s typical of this spiteful unpleasant, club , and I feel there are serious duty of care and safety issues here , will they guarantee the safety of visiting fans , I do not believe they can . And celtic have to decide whether they should take up their allocation at all. They have put our fans in a dangerous situation , the desperation is seeping out at every level , they are pathetic .


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