JOHN HARTSON has fired the first shot of the new season and the new season hasn’t even started yet!

The Celtic icon has been reading for weeks about the Gerrard revolution and how the Ibrox side are ready to conquer the double treble champions.

Hartson pulled no punches as he told Stevie boy the real task he has on his hands.

“They are making a lot of signings and they will have to continue making a few more signings.” Hartson admitted.

“Stevie is a class act and he will certainly make an impact in that dressing room.

“But Rangers’ biggest worry is getting above Aberdeen, never mind Celtic.

“It is inconceivable to finish above Celtic in terms of where they are on and off the pitch.

“It’s about mentality too, which hasn’t been right at Rangers. The 4-0 thumping in the Scottish Cup? The 5-0 when Celtic won the league? It was men against boys, so poor it was like a testimonial game against a bunch of 40 year-olds.

“If you look at how far behind Rangers have fallen in terms of quality of player and off the park it’s huge.

Hartson knows how far Celtic are ahead and like the rest of the Celtic fans who have had to listen to the noise coming from Govan the past two seasons. The hype never matches the reality.

His candour, while respectful hasn’t gone down well at Ibrox. They do get touch about anything these days though.


  1. There has been so much “guff” coming out of Ibrokes these past three season that the gullable are actually believing it.! They just can not see how much thier board are pulling the woolover thier eyes! And as John Harrison says, they have to get passed the sheep men first!! So just bring it on,!. How many revolutions have we had at ibrokes Inthe past three years??? Lies, lies and more dammed lies, from out of the bigot come, called crumble down!!!!

  2. Aye,The DeLooDeid can tell a Good Story.But,They never talk about EBT,s and Liquidation.A conveyor belt of Laughs.If this new Club went tits up,The Premier just wouldnt be the same.How the fck can Anyone take them,Seriously.The best laugh of All is how they claim,Minus a Brassneck how they are the Same Club.Even though the Evidence is Massive stating the very opposite.How Absurd they claim We Are Obsessed,There Real Club Died chasing Celtics History.It was the Ending of Them.Bring On The Clowns.The £broke Circus Act is Coming to a Town,Near You..HfH

  3. Can’t wait for the crying, and fat hunz saying ‘ What’s the goals daein’ And ‘whit yae mean the big hoose is shutting doon again’ And the quality banter of ‘ am burnin ma season ticket (last years one) become the board has signed too many fienienz.HWGFATT

  4. It’s all up when they off loaded their most skilful player to Austraiia and bring in five unknown fuds to appease the gullible roll on first meeting at Paradise another super scalping no foot off the gas this time.

  5. The HunZz have been in serious serious Denial since the Passing of there Real Team.Settling for 3rd best is as Good as its ever going to be for Them.Now they have there Liverpudlian Dumpling at the Helm.Its Time for Them to Lets Go lolololol….They will be doing good to mount a challenge against the Sheep.I can see Hibernian having a Say this season coming.Its a blast o laughs having this Tribute Act in the Premier.I mean ffs there first time in the premier and coming Third is a decent thing.But trying to appease 50.000.Vile HunZz.There pain is an absolute Jhoy…HH


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