JON FLANAGAN has been charged by the SFA for violent conduct after the player elbowed the Celtic captain in the face during their win at Ibrox on Sunday.

The player was yellow carded at the time by referee Kevin Clancy but video replays show the defender should have seen red for the incident.

The SFA charge reads :Disciplinary Rule 200 : Where any one of the sending off offences of (A1) serious foul play, (A2) violent conduct, and (A3) spitting at an opponent or any other person is committed by a player at a match, but that sending off offence was not seen by any of the match officials at the time that it was committed, the mandatory suspension for that sending off offence as provided for in Annex C of the Judicial Panel Protocol shall be applied to the player.

Scott Brown was clear after the game he had been struck in the face but Clancy had told him it was only a yellow because he hadn’t.

The incident happened when the game was a 1-0 and the sending off would have changed the game. Although Scott Brown has conceded Celtic weren’t good enough on the day to warrant anything from the game.

The Ibrox thug’s hearing will take place this Thursday and if he is found guilty he will miss the final game of the season as well as the start of the next campaign. Another Ibrox player who has shown a lack of discipline this term.


  1. What can you expect from a guy who kicked his partner when she was put on the ground?
    This guy is a coward and Sevco are totally undisciplined in so many ways throughout the club.

  2. The more slippy and his corner boys attack Scott Brown, the more we see the real thuggery in the sevco mob. Most of them are too smart for their own good. Moreorless, Jack, frankenstein kent, greggs, and flannigan, show the world the poor state of affairs at the dumb dome.
    Everyone of them is a corner boy, not for for purpose. Wee neds, mostly on loan, hack their way through game after game. Slippy shows how dumb he is by taking their side.
    Bring back BOBO, he’d sort them out. HH


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