ALAN STUBBS didn’t pull any punches when he told Ibrox supporters to calm down about calling any of Celtic’s titles tainted.

The former Celtic defender and Hibernian boss believe the Gers support should stay quiet on titles being null and void or the question of the old club’s titles could come up again.

Celtic are currently thirteen points clear in the league with eight games still to be played but at this point, it looks unlikely the season can get to a natural conclusion. This would leave the scenario of Celtic being crowned champions as it stands.

We saw it in France this week with PSG being crowned champions and second-placed Marseille being very humble and dignified about the scenario.

This hasn’t been the case from the Ibrox club and some of their supporters who continue to bang the drum of null and void because they know their team bottled it when it mattered.

Stubbs believes any talk of tainted titles would see a return to the EBT titles scandal when the former Ibrox club evaded paying tax on much higher wages by paying large amounts to their players in loans they never had to pay back. This allowed them to sign players they could not have afforded if they had been working within the parameters of the law.

“The difference here is that Celtic have done nothing wrong while Rangers did do something wrong and still kept those titles.

“Plus, if anything, if the season had continued, I could only see the gap between the two clubs becoming even wider.

“For me, it’s not even up for discussion because Celtic would have finished even further ahead.

“Rangers had been more or less admitting that their season was over before the lockdown even happened and they were only ever playing for second place this year.

“Last December when Rangers bossed Celtic at Parkhead we thought we had a genuine title race but then the wheels fell off for them. They have been really poor since the winter break.

“Sometimes you look outside for excuses but it’s better to look at home for them. They only have themselves to blame for that.

“Celtic deserve to be champions – it’s the other end of the table where the problem is.”



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