DEDRYK BOYATA was given a straight red for giving the referee a sustained amount of verbal after a challenge on him went unpunished.

Boyata can be seen shouting over at Beaton who shouts back before the defender gives him more.

Beaton then tells Brown to tell him to shut him up before he is sent off – three seconds later he was gone.

Some Celtic fans believe Beaton showed his true colours during the incident with his facial expressions.

Chris Sutton branded Boyata ‘Idiotic’ and ‘Needless’ as the BT Panel walked through the incident.

This red card has massive implications as Boyata is one of Celtic’s top defenders who will miss the Semi-Final against Hearts at the end of October.

It remains to be seen if Celtic will appeal the decision as seeing red for verbal is highly unusual.

It will all come down to the manager and how he views the situation in the cold light of day tomorrow.



  1. Look at the absolute HATRED in the referees face. Astonishing!
    This guy is meant to be impartial?
    This will NOT be rescinded – that’s for sure.

  2. Once Beaton, twice Shyte
    Another branch of the network that’s working overtime to cheat us at any opportunity. Hundit Craigen openly states that St Johnstone didn’t try a leg against the Huns at the weekend. The contrast in their efforts tonight should be investigated but it won’t.
    Beaton missed Tony Watts red card challenge on Broony in the first half. Delighted we won. C’mon the Hoops.

  3. Morelos gets a yellow from Madden for dissent, but Boyata gets a red.
    Both players were fouled and reacted to the referee in question for not awarding the foul.
    One referee deals with the situation thoughtfully, the other reacts with a look that tells you everything about him. Beaton acted shockingly Ike a petulant schoolboy. I dealt with situations much worse than this during my teaching career and earned the respect and confidence of the pupils.

    There is a clear lack of consistency here and Beaton has let his guard slip. This is what happens when you misuse power. Our game is being spoiled by blatant cheating and corruption.

  4. Of course Boyata should have kept his cool. However, Beaton’s reaction was much worse and he is in a position of authority. Those in power seem to lack wisdom. There was no need for his reaction. It could have been dealt with more class by a much better person who was more at ease with himself.
    This says much more about Beaton than it does about Boyata. Frustration is easy to understand by those with an ounce of wisdom. Beaton has none.


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