CELTIC have made it through to the semi final of the League Cup after a high pressured night in Perth.

Celtic’s second half performance merited the win but it was hard work against a St Johnstone side hell bent on frustrating Celtic after Sunday’s loss.

When the goal came, it was a relief to many but none so more than Leigh Griffiths who had squandered many chances before putting away the late goal.

The Celtic striker then ran over to his manager and embraced the Irishman on the touchline to celebrate.

Much has been made of the dressing room atmosphere but if you watch the Celtic team they are all pulling in the same direction and they looked more like the Celtic of old in the second 45 minutes.

Celtic fans are delighted that Leigh got on the scoresheet and that the team showed more fight as the game wore on.

One fan exclaimed they needed the moment between Leigh and Brendan as some sort of cathartic experience.

We agree!



  1. Better performance,still need to convert some of these chances, desperate defending at times, wonder what the possession stats where in the second half,red card for dissent, this clown is having a laugh, hope they appeal this, totally stupid refereeing,1 going on 4/5.hh

  2. According to the BBC stats, Celtic were awarded TWO free kicks in the first half, and a third in the 90th minute.
    Is this a record for a football match?

  3. Mad Morelos gets on like someone possessed yet he receives a yellow card Boyata straight red for dissent seems they have different interpretations of the rules for different colours of jerseys in this bigoted riddled official dome.


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