Celtic SLO has delivered clarity on Celtic’s position when it comes to a radical idea about getting fans back into stadiums once the worst is over.

SunSport ran a story last week about the possibility of bringing fans into stadiums BUT distancing them three or four seats apart.

It sounded ludicrous to be honest and the Celtic SLO John Paul Taylor has agreed this would be impossible to implement.

While innovating ways to get football back and some semblance of normality back would give us all a boost. Trying to implement only certain fans getting to games and then making sure they didn’t sit next to someone or properly social space in the kiosks, going through turnstiles etc means it’s a no go.

Behind closed door football is likely to happen at some point before fans are allowed back in stadiums.

Not ideal, but if you asked any football fan if they’d like to see football on the TV as oppose to the current shutdown, they’d bite your hand off for some game time!


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