NEIL LENNON must go tonight.

No ifs, no buts no maybes.

If you think he is the man to turn things around at Celtic, you’re as deluded as it gets.

2 wins in 12, out of Europe with the biggest number of goals conceded in Europe. Out of the League Cup, 13 points behind our rivals which looks like an irretrievable gap.

The board have let us down by not making a change sooner, they should now have no choice but to let their manager go.

Celtic fans have seen this coming for weeks but we’ve been told we are entitled, spoiled and don’t know what we’re talking about.

We back the club with cold hard cash but they have ignored us. Tonight, this can’t be ignored and Celtic must cut their manager loose.

When the dust settles on this, Neil Lennon will still have been a fantastic servant to our club but he cannot continue as manager. If he had any sense of the feeling from supporters he would have walked before now.

It’s time to go.


  1. Maybe when the season ticket renewals are being asked for, the club will reap what they sow or maybe the penny will drop on that front and they make the change. A change that’s coming too late but still needs to happen to at least challenge for the 10. Valid question but who would be caretaker for time being? I’d say anyone right now. Just someone who can change training, not be under the existing pressure and shake things up

  2. #And I say……..…
    Bye, bye, let ten in a row lie. Took ma nippers to Paradise and the title had died.

    Those good auld Bhoys hiding behind a fence ohh so high.
    Saying ‘we spent none of yer money, your are a pie’ .#
    COYBIG Ma arse. ?

  3. Celtic TV ‘We will see on Thursday what reaction Neil Lennon gets from the Team’ Like this is a surprise, unusual result 2 wins in 12! We know what reaction he will get NONE. The team is dead. About 12 – 15 players desperate to play for someone else. 4 Loanees, hanging on for wages who don’t give a toss. It will take 3 or 4 seasons to rectify this mob and money (which they won’t spend). I expect 4 in a row for them. Start the rebuild now, new manager. Sell the EPL wannabees, play young players who want to play. Let Christie see if Burnley are still interested and Ajer can get his agent to phone the San Siro (Ha!) Season is finished. Time to plan for the future. Hearts must fancy their chances for the final. Nothing to fear playing these cowards.

  4. Well said John so so sad with these blowhards at our beloved club,can’t believe how bad we have got over the last 12 mths or so.Definitely change needed at boardroom level we will remain static as long as that moron Lawwell is in charge at the club.HH


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