DEDRYK BOYATA claims he is the victim of a malicious rumour in which he has refused to play for the club in tonight’s crunch tie against Athens.

The defender hit back at suggestions he has downed tools and instead pointed to an injury that he has apparently sustained late last week.

The defender says he is in no condition to play but insists he has played injured in the past to support the cause.

“What’s going on is that I’m in a special position, and when I hear that I’ve refused to play since I came back from vacation, it’s wrong. I ran a lot on the sidelines of the group to work physically. I went to the physio every day. This morning (Monday I was still with a physio and the others injured at the club. I do not know where these rumors come out. I did not refuse to play.

Boyata also claims he has played through the pain threshold for the Celtic cause before but won’t do it this time if his niggling injury is legitimate – which is, in essence, refusing to play when the manager and coaches believe you can.

The biggest takeaway from this is that Boyata doesn’t want to play for Celtic in case an injury scuppers a summer move.

“Yes, I have played several times with Grade 1 injuries.” Sometimes it was very much like the last Cup final, other times less like in the last away game against Rangers, hence the precautions I take now because I do not want to take any chances. “

There is very little chance Celtic and Rodgers would risk Boyata if they thought it would harm the player.

Rodgers did not mention any injury when speaking about Boyata and only spoke about bringing players committed to the Celtic cause.


  1. Auld Dead to us, just wants to leave, not that he hates Celtic nor their fans. Maybe if he wants pastures new. I wish him well, he was a very good Hoops player (when he could be arsed) Getting someone as good as he as a replacement, at this time in the transfer market will be hard. Most players who haven`t grew up Hoop faithfuls, wont understand how badly it affects, fans of the Hoops worldwide. When they only come to leave. But even at that I wish him well and fame and fortune, look down upon him in his career. Pity, Celtic are so mingey, not to find some good world class centre backs and defenders to work with him and KT. Shame on you suits. Get your hands off your wallets. And start spending our season ticket money on players. NOW.


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