John Kennedy has vitally not ruled James Forrest out of The Glasgow Derby on Sunday but he’s also not said with 100% confidence he will be part of the starting XI.

Speaking to CelticTV, the interim Hoops boss was vague but did give us some hope the winger would make it.

“We’re just going to monitor James as the week progresses.

“He’s the type of player we’ll give right to the last minute

“We’ll see how he goes in the week, get the treatment into him and we’ll just progress that as best we can”

Celtic face the task of playing their Glasgow rivals in the fifth round of the Scottish Cup as they look to win the trophy for the fifth consecutive year.

James is vital to our progress this time around, writing about this earlier today we put the midfielder up there as our ‘Glasgow Derby Game Changer‘.

Coming back into the side over the past four games has had a positive effect and his last two starts have resulted in the wee man getting on the score sheet.

Fingers crossed he makes the game on Sunday.

It really can’t hurt the game has been postponed a day when you take this match thread into account.


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