JAMES MCLEAN is facing an FA investigation after being subject to the vilest abuse at the weekend and throughout his career.

The player, who refuses to wear a poppy for legitimate reasons is constantly targeted by members of the public and abused for his beliefs.

Here is the statement in full

James refuses to wear a poppy or shirk from anyone who suggests he should toe the line and just do it.

The Irishman knows what the British army has done to his country over the years and refuses to celebrate that fact in any way shape or form.

His stance is admirable and knowing the backlash every year to this gets more severe, he stands up to any sectarian abuse that comes his way.

Today is no different and James will fight his corner against the FA for any wrongdoing they try and lay at his door.

McLean mentions the recent discrimination of Neil Lennon in Scotland and believes people are overlooking these incidents because it’s just hate against Irish Catholics.



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