Joey Barton arrived in Glasgow to many a fan-fare from the blue side of Glasgow in 2016. Weeks later, though, Celtic captain Scott Brown soon put the Englishman back in his rightful place in a 5-1 Hoops victory at Parkhead.

Recently, though, Barton made a surprise admission about Celtic. Indeed the former Marseille man had an admiration for the club as a boy. He said (James English podcast): “As a kid, I’m a Roman Catholic, Joesph Anthony, I went to St Agnes School and St Thomas Beckett, and every third kit I got was a Celtic kit.”

Joey Barton

For Barton to join Rangers after the upbringing he had shows either a grave lack of education and understanding or little faith and loyalty. Despite this, many Celtic fans have played for Rangers in the past and vice versa.

Religion, although not much of a factor for players nowadays, is still entwined within the clubs, particularly Celtic. It was just this week that the manager, board, and squad had a private audience with Pope Francis.

Barton clearly has contrasting loyalties but one thing about him is certain: his time in Glasgow was a massive failure, with his cockiness and lack of regard for Celtic and Scottish football leading to a humiliation that sent him packing not long after he arrived.


  1. Yea, two sets of opposing Christian fans, even though the foe wouldn’t sign a Roman Christian until the late eighties.

    Arthur ‘ Booruc ‘ changed their minds, as they thought the Sfa/pigs would ban or fine him for blessing himself at the dark star in front of them in a derby match.

    Changed days now (at one point the hun auld co had more Catholics than Celtic on their rota) most just go for the cash/for free today.


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