JOHN HARTSON is a passionate guy and a good Celtic man so it’s hard to criticise the former Parkhead striker when he champions one of our own in Neil Lennon.

However, at this point, I believe it’s doing more harm than good when it comes to Hartson’s constant assertion Neil Lennon should be immediately installed as the FULL TIME Celtic manager.

This does two things; it creates a bigger push back from fans who were already unsure of the appointment and it puts Neil under more pressure when all that should be talked about is Celtic’s quest for a triple treble.

There are people who 100% want Neil Lennon to be the next Celtic boss, there are people who are in the middle and there are those who think it’s time for a fresh approach.

Whatever side of the fence you sit on, the notion it should just be handed to Neil is nauseating and does Celtic a disservice.

It’s incumbent on the men running the football club to explore all possible options before they make a decision on who should be the next Celtic manager.

Hartson’s latest comments prove his heart is well and truly ruling his head.

Writing for the Evening Times the Welshman wrote:  I have said all along that I think he is the man for the job on a permanent basis and I still hold on to that. I think the way that he celebrated with the Celtic support on Sunday after that last gasp winner at Dens Park would tell you everything you need to know about how hard he will work to keep the success coming at the club.”

I’m not against this happening but I’m not all in at this point like John is when you consider the way the team have played the past two weeks. Of course, this a learning curve for Neil Lennon so he doesn’t deserve to be ruled out of the job because of it, just like he shouldn’t just be prematurely handed the job because of his passion.



  1. Totally agree ,as far as managers go 99% of the EPFL have been on the magic roundabout, jumping from one club to the next as like in Scotland with the same failed results a good manager has to be able to see a player that fits in and also be able to stop back passing and sideways passing as our team can use up anything from 30 to40 minutes of play among 6 players in our own half of the park, Neil allows that type of play and it ain’t pretty to watch, we use wing back play we get corners yet same outcome. nothing happens

  2. After NL first two outings I think Big John should keep his trap shut… Not becasue it´s a distraction, but imagine playing like this against the huns at the end of the month, the huns are sh*te and they will slaughter us if NL continues along this road of letting the midfield decide all we want to do is pass until they intercept a pass.
    What ever happened to taking players on, getting formward, forcing them to tackle and freeing up players in the process…

    Btw I didn´t signup for a mailing list and I shouldn´t be getting mails…


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