CELTIC made it 63 games unbeaten domestically at the weekend and it was a cause for a celebration. Not only did they achieve it, but they did so in style and wrote themselves into history alongside Willie Maley’s side 100 years prior.

However, some people are not so thrilled about the news, so much so that they felt compelled to take to Twitter to discredit Celtic’s achievement.

Former Rangers players and EBT recipient Bob Malcolm is very upset with the club that currently resides at Ibrox nowadays and harkens back to the ‘good old days’ in order to make himself feel better.

Here he is chatting to former Celt, John Hartson. But John is quick to put Bob in his place 🙂


  1. This is the guy who signs autographs with ending ..FTP…But the press thought that Extremely comical…Says it all about him,them and thus country.

  2. A low life in the form of an ice cream van driver! Yes the press thought it comical that he signed his name with FTP. Wonder how that would share a Celtic player signed something degrading??? Muppet!.

    • So what if i drive an ice cream van? Its an easy way of avoiding tax i go and hang out near my pal fat sallys hoose, he always clears me outa astro belts plus im a great big massive peado so its a perfect job

  3. There is another easy answer to fat boabs question. I’d rather have only one honestly won title than non-existent titles which the whole world now know were achieved by cheating. There is not another club in the world who respects the stolen titles. So sorry fat boab, the ones your bitter twisted mind counts, well, no-one else does. Hail Hail

  4. Hanson said Hun fans are blameless in all this,if he told the truth that the Hun hordes let their club die as they are miserable jock Huns he wouldn’t get dross like Malcolm trying to be wide !

  5. What a sad excuse for an x football player who played for that Liquidated Club….54 titles.How many do Sevco Have….Celtic are Going to Steam Roll 54 Titles into Oblivion ya fat Ponsey DoB….HfckingH…..Takes The Boaby Malcolm

  6. The tribute act fans know their club died in 2012; they can pretend whatever they want, dress up the new club and call it rangers but truth is they know it’s all a charade.

    Scotland’s shame 1872-2012, an occasional disgrace and a permanent embarrassment.

    Tribute Act 2012-present, a five year comedy gold entertainment package, with stand out performances from ‘wealth off the radar’ Craig Whyte, the snake oil salesman Charles Green, Squinty ‘the glib and shameless liar’ King and Ally ‘who are these people’ McCoist.

  7. how can a club that is in its 5th year of infancy say it has over 50 titles?, maybe the changes of companies names are now considered a title , RIEP rangers fc

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