John Kennedy has made it clear the reports from this week saying he is in line to be the next Director of Football of the club have been made up by SunSport.

Derek McGregor broke the story midweek and told Celtic supports John was being prepared for a DoF role.

It sparked concern among the support and it brought down quite a lot of heat on the club and John.

The Interim Celtic boss made it clear it was not the case.

“It’s been made up

“Someone has obviously had a guess at it, I think because there’s been so much speculation around the manager and behind the scenes, I think people just start to piece things together themselves

“I’ve not had any discussions around that role at the club”

Fergal Harkin of Manchester City has been tipped to take this role.

While we can’t be certain Harkin is the man, we have been told by a source close to the club that the DoF position has been sewn up for quite some time.

The biggest piece of the puzzle is going to be Eddie Howe coming in. We’ve not had official word or anything but we can tell you the club has not spoken with any other candidate for the role in over a month.

Sometimes speculation and rumours can get away with us. Derek McGregor of SunSport wrote the Kennedy angle as an exclusive when really his source was feeding him wrong information.


  1. Most of what is written by newspapers and said by (ahem) pundits, is p1sh.
    Never read the papers, who does, it’s a dying brand, and who listens to the current buns? They are mostly ex ipox f@nnies, talking sh1te.
    Oh, the wonders of the web, has anyone seen fattie Boyd since St J stuffed them?


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