JONNY HAYES banged in the all-important second against The Rangers at Ibrox at the start of the month sending the 750 strong Celtic fans into raptures.

The Irishman came on as a late substitute for Mikey Johnstone and his pace and quick thinking helped Celtic break away on the counter in the dying embers of the game.

The Rangers were out on their feet and even though Allan McGregor saved the first shot and there were three defenders around him, he managed to get the second shot away to grab the goal.

The Celtic player was the unlikeliest of goal scorers on the day and not even Jonny could have envisioned what would happen. However, the Celtic midfielder had no time to celebrate after the game. Some might have went out and milked the moment but Jonny, who is a proper family man went home for an early night because he was up at 6:30am on Monday morning to do his UEFA coaching badges.

“Unfortunately for me I was up at half-six on Monday morning, driving to Edinburgh,” he says, “so I didn’t really get much of a celebration beyond getting to bed early and a good night’s sleep. Then the nerves kicked in for this course.”

The Celtic winger/left back also confirmed in the article he shared a classroom on the Monday morning with Andy Halliday and Jamie Murphy. I wonder how they were doing.

As the player looks to get his licence he is trying to draw on all his experience in the game and revealed he contacted Brendan Rodgers

“There’s not many better tactically in the game,” Hayes confirmed about Rodgers.

“I texted him last night about planning a session for tomorrow, letting him know I was doing this programme, and he was happy for me. A lot of coaches now are trying to replicate his methods.”

Jonny also had high praise for his current Celtic boss.

“Neil Lennon has a very different style (from Rodgers), he’ll tell you that himself, but people outside — if you don’t know Neil, you don’t realise how good a person he is,” Hayes says. “I’ve heard numerous stories about him picking up his own players, calling his players, really looking after players. I’ve never heard a bad word about him inside the club.”


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