Graham Spiers had a debate on his podcast this week about Glasgow journalists trying not to show their hand when it comes to what team they support.

Speaking about journalists supporting a certain team and covering all of Scottish football, Spiers and guests go over the pitfalls and the hassles which someone would get for nailing their colours to the wall.

There is a paranoia around a lot of supporters in the West of Scotland; even this site, run by Celtic fans about Celtic have been accused of being anti-Celtic for not singing the club’s praises at every turn.

It’s an interesting debate. I think you have to be a reasonable character to pull off supporting either Celtic or Rangers but remain impartial. Even if you’re speaking the truth about one or the other or your truthful opinion, the same stuff is likely to be levied at you.

One big takeaway from the clip Spiers put out to promote his podcast was the fact he was steeped in all things Rangers as a boy but fell out of love with the club due to the bigotry involved with a day out at Ibrox.

Worth a listen or maybe even a subscription.

We always try to take views on board from sensible people inside the game. So naturally that means we bypass the likes of Kris Boyd and Alex Rae who are the biggest cheerleaders out there for their club and have no interest in giving anything other than their biased opinions.


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