Being a Celtic player in a Scotland jersey can be a lonely place to be if you’re not playing to your potential.

Out of position in a team directed by the dinosaur McLeish, Kieran Tierney was not the only man on the field to have a poor game.

Lack of managers instinct and McLeish’s desperate need to fit both Robertson and Tierney into his system is hurting both stars rather than helping.

The Celtic left back tried to clear a cross last night in Isreal and accidentally put it beyond his own goalkeeper.

While some want to look at the bigger picture on why Scotland were so woeful against a side we’re more than capable of beating, there are too many people gleefully taking aim at the Celtic star.

Being a double treble winner creates envy and when the vultures can ground you and get their digs in, they’re going to do it.

Tierney is a big boy and will take the flack but it will deflect from the real failing here.

Near the end of Gordon Strachan’s tenure, there were signs of a decent Scotland side after the former Celtic manager stopped being so pig-headed. Scotland is going backwards at an alarming rate and that’s nothing to do with Kieran Tierney.


  1. Nothing much changes. For years Danny McGrain was played out of position to accommodate the mediocre Sandy Jardine. Similarly Kenny Dalglish was regularly criticised when Playboy for Scotland. Given the wider context of McLeish, EBT’s, being handed titles by deceipt on final league days I’m surprised and disappointed that the likes of Roy Aitken, Peter Grant and other current Celtic people can even associate this serial cheat.

  2. How did McLiesh get the Scottish Dion in the first place. Is it to help him pay his EBT tax? Also his “pal” in the SFA office, who also had EBT”s, gave him the job .! In fact,it is jobs for the free masons and orange order poeple.! How very noticeable, when he won’t play the man in Scotland “on form”. He plays Naiysmith, who went AWOL at ibrokes on Sunday, and went bidding last night!. Was he afraid to score against sevco in case he was suspended from the lodge, and the masons!. It is staring everyone in the face, but the press seem to go blind in these situations!! How very convenient!! Hail Hail

  3. It’s not the first time that a Celtic player has been played out of position to accommodate mediocre Rangers players. Danny McGrain was regularly dislodged to accomodate Jardine at Right Back. BBC commentators have consistently found the need to criticise Celtic players while others are at fault.
    As for McLeish given his EBT and cheating history with titles being handed to him by teams not trying against Rangers while others are playing out of their skins against Celtic. How can Roy Aitken and Peter Grant choose to be associated with this individual? It beggars belief.
    All Celtic current international players should withdraw while this individual remains in the job.

  4. It is time to withdraw all of our players let them get on with it without us let McLeish pick his Fav players from his fav team so we all can sit back and watch and LOL at McLeish and his team full of his fav players……


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