KRIS BOYD went on an amazing rant about Leigh Griffiths on Wednesday night after Celtic’s 3-1 win against Kilmarnock.

The striker scored and did a shush sign to the pundit who has been predicting his demise for some time. Instead of folding his hands up as Leigh looks to get over his mental health and fitness issues – Boyd went on a bitter rant instead and a factually immaculate rant at that.

Boyd rants about Leigh only playing 34 times in 135 games since Rodgers came in and Lennon took over. Let’s dismiss the fact that he’s having a go at the player for taking a step back due to his mental illness and point out those stats are horribly wrong.

@Benthetim on Twitter was happy to correct the hapless and bitter pundit.

If Sky Sports have ANYTHING about them, he will not be a pundit on any Celtic game going forward. Lack of class, brains and stinks of bitterness.

He also told Leigh to not concentrate on pundits while he celebrates but concentrate on himself…well.

Need we say more about his agenda?


  1. For sure, Kris Boyd has mental health issues. Having an interest in mental health, you’d think this this bigot would realise the pr1ck he is making of himself. Obviously Jabba has told this plonker to make something of Griffiths to offload the shame at the other pr1ck Moreorless. That is how the Ipox battalions work….get us and we’ll get you.
    fckin morons. As for Sky, as long as they have this moron on the team, they will always be second rate.

  2. Absoloute tonker so he is as well as getting his facts horribly wrong then the photo of him at the pundits and remeber he said there was no top class players playing in Scotland well cha ged tune last night when he claimed that the only reason the griff eddy partnership looks to be going well is because eddy can play with anyone anywhere and then he said that eddy and morelos could play in the top six teams down in the premiership well is that not where all the top class even world class players play or want to play because there top class players unlike like his punditry he’s a gimp pens his mouth and let’s his belly rumble anyway rant over hail hail

  3. Kris Boyd is a total Arse , He is not a good pundit at all. He looks like he is ready to drop a baby any day now going by the size of his belly SKY SHOULD DUMP HIM RIGHT AWAY. THE HOOPS WILL STILL WIN THE LEAGUE FATBOY.


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