Celtic winger, Liel Abada, finds himself at a crossroads, with his future at the club looking uncertain.

Recently, he’s caught the eye of three MLS clubs in the US [MailSport], sparking speculation after Brendan Rodgers, the manager, hinted Abada might not take to the field for Celtic again.

Missing out on last weekend’s Scottish Cup triumph and today’s match due to not being in the right headspace, the 22-year-old Israeli international’s situation is complex. The backdrop involves pressure from his home country over some Celtic fans’ pro-Palestinian sentiments, complicating his stay in Glasgow.

During the January transfer window, there was interest from clubs across England, Germany, and France looking to secure Abada on loan. However, with those windows now closed, the MLS emerges as a potential escape route, given their transfer window remains open until April 23. Despite the chatter, Celtic hasn’t received any official bids yet, but it’s clear there’s American interest in giving Abada a fresh start.

Liel Abada

Rodgers, acknowledging the unique challenges faced by Abada, expressed a deep understanding of the winger’s predicament, emphasising support and patience. It’s a tricky balance for Rodgers, who must prioritise both the player’s well-being and the team’s dynamics.

He remains open to supporting Abada through these trying times, with the player’s readiness to return to play being the ultimate decider. The future is uncertain, and while Rodgers hopes for Abada’s return to form, he also recognises that a move away might eventually be on the cards.

The decision to miss recent games was mutual, highlighting the careful consideration being given to Abada’s mental and emotional state during this period.


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