The continuation myth was in full flow this weekend as our rivals celebrated a rather random number.

Going for 55 has been a staple of their destructive diet for years. Continuing to say the number 55, trying to scream to everyone that nothing happened in 2012.

There was no massive tax bill, no administration and no liquidation. Of course, we’re confident there was.

The mainstream media who reported on their demise at the time, quickly fell into line when they realised it would hurt them financially to say anything other than this was still the same entity but they’d somehow shed all their debts miraculously and were unfairly taken down the leagues on a hateful whim. Their players also breaking contract to sign for other clubs in the process.

I really wanted to believe Santa was real when I was a child, even when others showed me proof, I tried my best, I put my fingers in my ears and just simply believed, it didn’t make Santa any more real though.

The BBC have largely run with the same kind of nonsense but one guy didn’t get the memo it would appear.

The BBC news reporter confirming the first league title won since liquidation and reforming as a new entity. Oh, dear.



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