MIKAEL LUSTIG was interviewed back in his homeland about Celtic and Scottish Football as a whole.

The Swedish right-back has played a starring role in the team for many years and when he was asked about playing in a Glasgow Derby he admitted they’re just not what they used to be.

He said: “I don’t think it’s the same hype, the same kind of hatred that you had back in the day.

“Rangers* are nowhere near us now. I imagine the tighter it is, the more important it gets to win the derbies.

“We’ve won everything during my time here.”

Lustig who scored a famous fifth goal at Ibrox last season, throwing his shirt over his head in now an iconic image is Celtic to the core.

He’s one of the very few foreign players who come to the club and go ‘all in’ – That’s why he’s such a popular figure.



  1. Mikael Lustig is only Stating the Truth.Facts are Facts.Its about time the media and journalists spoke the truth.Regarding Sevco 5088.Oldco were Liquidated and no longer Exist.HH Mikael.SMSM make out as if he is slighting Rangers Oldco.FGS get real you shower of Cenile Cowards and Grow a Pair.Oldco are Loooonnnggggg Gone.Look on the bright side,Atleast there is a team playing at the Crumble Dome they pretend is the Real RainJurz.How on earth a Hun can actually say Same Club BS is utter contempt for every honest Club in our game.No wonder they are Despised.GGAW and There isnt a thing that Cretinous Turd of a Club over Govania Way is going to Ever do anything about it(Fact)HWG10IAR

  2. If Sevco are Same Club,What day?Time?Month?Did they come out of Liquidation.As far as the World knows Oldco were Liquidated in 2012.And this Circus Act now plays out of the Debt Dome.;))))We absolutely whole heartedly,Enjoy the Hun Hoardes Pain.HH

  3. Mikael Lustig Saying It How It Is And Forever Will Be,Sevco cant touch Celtic Ever!!!!They havent got an EBT to stand on and they once upon a time,Use to entice players with tax free cash We All Know how that ,Endead Them.This new club are just getting by on wins against teams who dont even have a 10th of the Sevco Budget.Celtic 1st Aberdeen 2nd Hibernian 3rd and then its a Toss up between St Johnston n Sevco for 4th.Hopefully St Johnston get 4th.Sevco need to get a grip on reality They are not Oldco.This is were there biggest problem lies,They dont have other banks monies to squander or decent honest hard earning businesses money to burn,So now they are what they have really always shouldve been,MEDIOCRE!!!


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