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TRANSFER RUMOURS are just that – rumours, and we do indulge in the odd one at CeltsAreHere, so we’re not trying to get on our high horse about that.

Some love it and some hate it but the excitement and buzz surrounding players potentially coming to their club is always going to be a source of excitement for football fans.

However, in the last 48-hours, we have been fed a narrative that Celtic AND The Rangers are in a heated battle over 19-year-old Australian midfielder Riley McGree – to steal one of Chris Sutton’s favourite lines ‘Do me a favour’.

There was a time in the past where a team playing out of Ibrox flexed their steroid enhanced muscles, not only so they could compete with Celtic but outspend them. We would see regular headlines of both clubs chasing the same player and who would come out on top.

In today’s environment, the steroids have worn off and their slurping on cans of Emerge (the cheap substitute to Red Bull) to try and compete with Glasgow Celtic. The very notion that Celtic and Rangers would ‘fight it out’ for any player today is so laughable it’s beyond belief.

Simply put, if Celtic want a player and The Rangers come calling too, unless they are named ‘Staunchy McStaunchface’ – Celtic will still get their man. A sad and perplexing pill for the Ibrox club to swallow swallow.

Celtic are on an upward trajectory, have a winning team and a world class manager, not to mention enough money to entice any player thinking about coming to Scotland to stop by Glasgow’s East End for a chat.

Riley McGree signed for Club Brugge in the summer from Adelaide Utd where he played just under 20 full first team games.

Former Celtic player and scout Tosh McKinlay has been quoted as being an admirer of the youngster having got glowing reports from Albert Kidd who now resides in that part of the world. Celtic fans will remember that name well!

He said back in March: “I’m in very close contact with my ex-team-mate Tosh McKinlay and we have talked about Riley McGree.

“They are showing a lot of interest.”

Since then, he has moved to Club Brugge, but his new side may be willing to sell the player in January after only five months.

This has alerted Celtic to his availability, but it remains to be seen if Celtic are even interested anymore. There’s a reason the player wasn’t snapped up in the summer after all.



  1. The huns can’t compete with us at anything, they haven’t the nails to scratch themselves never mind going toe to toe in the transfer market.
    Liquadcion Liquadcion hahahahaha
    Hail Hail


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