After Celtic were dealt yet another fine bye UEFA for use of flares at European games Celtic have sent out a strongly worded statement to the fans who still want to participate in pyro displays.

In the statement the club question why anyone who genuinely supports Celtic would leave the club open to multiple fines and knowing that the use of these flares would result in such.


You have a hardcore group of supporters that are beyond the point of listening. A group that feel like they can do what they like at the expense of the club and other supporters.

We have to put this into context, it is just Pyro. Our fans aren’t rioting in foreign streets and we’re not racially abusing the natives like some other clubs fans do on a regular basis. But we are well aware of the rules now and to do it out of spite or petulance towards UEFA is juvenile at best.

“No Pyro, No party” is the rhetoric used for the people who don’t mind seeing Celtic rack up the fines. Well the party may soon be over, if Celtic incur anymore fines then the next course of action by UEFA will be to ban our travelling support.  We have a fantastic away support in Europe and it would be a farcical situation if we are banned for something so trivial but if some fans constantly flout the rules then we cannot complain.

Here is Celtic’s full statement:

“Clearly everyone is extremely disappointed that the behaviour of only a handful of people and in particular the use of flares, have led to a further fine from UEFA.

“We have repeatedly called for the use of flares to stop. We cannot and will not allow the safety of our supporters or the reputation of our great club to be compromised by the actions of a tiny minority.

“It is time those responsible understand the damage this does to the club they claim to support.”


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