PADDY MCCOURT spoke to the Derry Journal about his whole football career and the pitfalls he fell into during his career.

The Irishman who looks to be winding down his professional involvement in the game won a dream move to Celtic – his bhoyhood heroes back in 2008 and spent five years at the club.

During his time, he was rarely first choice – injuries and concerns about his fitness and lifestyle stopped him from really flourishing at the club.

The Irishman’s talent was undeniable though, his ability to weave through opposition players was truly a sight to behold and he rarely scored a boring goal for Celtic.

Paddy, who was a big hit with the Celtic fans recalls the greatest moment of his career and as you would expect it’s what every Celtic fan who played for the club would remember.

“The one highlight of my career, and it’s not winning a trophy, but scoring my first goal at Celtic Park,” he said. “And the reason for that is I actually had dreams of scoring at Celtic Park. I felt I had let that go when I had that set-back at Rochdale,” added McCourt. “Self-doubt creeps in but I remember the night. It was Hearts at home and it was a very proud moment.”

Celtic won 2 league titles and 2 scottish cup victories during the Derry Pele’s time at the club. He amassed 66 appearances in five years.



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