NEIL LENNON told CelticTV after the disappointing draw at Kilmarnock that the club were ‘working away’ on a few things with regards to transfers.

With Celtic having no joy in the second half, the bench looked void of game-changing players and even with a formation change, it was the same old story.

Celtic need to be versatile and have players who are built to dig in during games like Kilmarnock when nothing is going our way.

The Irishman didn’t mention any names but confirmed the club is active on a couple of fronts at least trying to add depth as well as quality to his squad:

“We are working away on a few things.

“The squad is a little bit light compared to what it was at the end of last season, so I would say we are looking to bring a couple of bodies in.”

Celtic take on St Mitten on Wednesday night in Paisley, followed by a tie against Aberdeen at Parkhead on Saturday. They can’t afford to drop any more points at the moment as they look to make history this season. A congested fixture list means we need to continue to dig out results or face falling well behind.


  1. Do our board not realise how important this season is? The way things are going we will throw away a chance to make world history and all because of the old biscuit tin attitude of old boards who even with their skinflint ways nearly took us into administration. Get some money spent on decent players or face the wrath at the next shareholders meeting. HAIL HAIL.

  2. Lennon is the Lod dodger here slow to monitor the situation does it every time fucks up with sub’s then condemns them when giving no time to get into the game what he sees in Taylor ,kamala ,and Forrest and brown I don’t have a fucking clue they weaken the team in defensive play that is four guys I would only consider if we were 5-0 up

  3. Maybe this job has become to big for NL our players where not fit so how come nothing ever is won with two games in but do they look happy and wanting to play for each other running around like a loud of headless chickens

  4. It’s the 2nd game of the season, and you are having a go at the manager and the board. It’s a marathon not a fecking sprint. Get a fecking life Hail Hail ☘💚


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