NEIL LENNON left a BBC reporter red-faced last night in Sarajevo after he questioned the Irishman about a potential transfer.

News broke yesterday and quotes from Ecuador claimed Celtic were in talks to sign Sergio Quintero and a deal could happen this week. However, with the BBC looking to land the scoop and soundbite of how far along the transfer was, the interviewer was left red faced when Neil Lennon point blank said he had never heard of Quintero.

“That name hasn’t cropped up at all, sorry.” Lennon told the Reporter

“I’m getting duff information, I’m away over here, obviously. the BBC man said with Neil Lennon replying “Are you, who from? A taxi driver?”

“I’m not going to tell you, I’m not going to tell you, you might be speaking to him in a minute”

You can hear these comments yourself in the Sportsound Podcast around 15minutes into the download.

It appears as someone’s telling fibs about possibly signing Quintero. Celtic have just employed a potential head of recruitment for the summer – maybe he is talking to clubs and feeling out situations before Neil Lennon gets the final say. The most likely thing would be the player and his agent in Ecuador are trying to create as much noise as possible to Quintero in the door of European football.



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