CELTIC FANS had a bit of fun with the PSG Official social media account yesterday when they wished their loan player Timo Weah a Happy Birthday with the tag line ‘We miss you’.

This prompted Celtic fans to reply to the French club on Twitter with a bit of banter with the club replying to some of them in good spirit.

Maybe they’ll fall for it if Celtic send Marvin Compper.

Timo is enjoying his spell in Glasgow and has made most of his appearances from the bench so far. The PSG youngster has become a fan favourite already with the passion and determination he’s showing when he’s on the field.

Timo is due to go back to France at the end of the season but we get the impression there could be scope for a longer loan move should both parties want it to happen.

PSG have a squad full of ridiculous expensive talent and if Timo heads back to early it could spoil his development.


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