CHRIS SUTTON did not hold back when the topic of sectarianism came up on the BT Panel this evening.

The former Celtic striker recalls the advice given to him when he first signed for the Parkhead club back under Martin O’Neill and how that affected his children.

Sutton also revealed he advised his son not to go to University in Scotland because of the baggage which would come along with being Chris Sutton’s son.

The former striker was very candid and believes nothing will change until a real shift in the way it is policed.

We have to be very careful when we hand the police any extra powers to deal with such problems as we seen from the Offensive behaviour act, it targeted innocent match going fans and caused a lot of distress for individuals and families.

Sutton is correct that this problem goes beyond the West of Scotland.

The debate is hot right now after Steve Clarke called out bigots in the stands at Ibrox after a Scottish Cup tie.


  1. I’m truly baffled now. Apparently, the shameless liar King has said that his club will continue to deal with sectarianism. Excuse me? How can you continue to do something you have NEVER DONE BEFORE? This club is corrupt to its core.

  2. Don’t understand how sectarianism can ever be dealt be with when the people who are ment to be dealing with it give the go ahead year after year for sectarian marches to take place throughout Scotland, very confused.


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