When you’re winning games it’s easier to make light of some bad officiating. The reality is that at some point the horrible standards of SPFL officiating will eventually cost Celtic points. It’s not good enough and today’s game left more head-scratching decisions.

Chris Sutton, usually quite vocal about the standards of refs in Scotland chose sarcasm today over an incident were Ryan Christie is “getting volleyed” off the ball. Andrew Dallas broke records and the internet yesterday when he gave FOUR penalties out at Ibrox, all in favour of the home team.

There has been too much talk, attention and energy every single week giving to the men in black. From top to bottom there needs to be an overhaul and major changes made that would rule out any bias. These are not modern day problems, they have existed for decades. It’s only in Scotland that technology seems to be sending things backwards as it is only used to highlight incompetence.


  1. This needs to be brought to the courts.
    Scottish football is riddled with corruption. The cheats don’t care who knows or sees it happen.
    They are immune from examination
    The English F.A. have been good at rooting out corruption and dealing with it. Fair play to them.

    Why are the odious incumbents at the SFA not capable of this? The answer is that corruption comes from the very top and filters down throughout the whole system, and those who are not so corrupt are just afraid. Everyone knows everyone else’s skeletons and where they are hidden. What a filthy bunch of evil parasites. What a pernicious bunch of self-serving, shameful excuses for human beings.
    The club’s are either scared in case the thugs at Govan go for them or they are also corrupt. Those who do not act against this are equally guilty. Eventually, those who do not defend the truth and stand up against corruption, will fall on their own swords because they are equally to blame.

    I have the utmost admiration for Mr Turnbull Hutton, with whom I was in regular communication with as a friend. I was deeply saddened when he told me of his illness. He was a humble and gentle man. A fine and brave man who stood up for what is right. Mr Adams, a former director of the old Rangers was also a fine and brave man who stood up for what is right. I was very impressed with him also. Sadly they are no longer with us.
    However, the cowards did not stand with them when they stood up against the rotting and festering evil in our game. Fergus, the bunnet would have the folk who are at the centre of this corruption sorted in no time. He would not think twice about court action. He was not afraid to do what was right. Indeed, he was not afraid.

    The game is full of cowards at the top, fully protected by the Establishment and money men and those with a vested interest. These people are present throughout football in this odd little country, where an ancient system of beliefs which goes back to the 17th century and beyond still persists. People who use and abuse religion for their own ends. The fans and all the other clubs mean nothing to them. Fans are being used and the most stupid fans are the most easily used and abused. Some of the fans are equally corrupt in their ignorance. As an agnostic I am thoroughly sickened by all of this. Scotland should be ashamed.

    It is a sport no longer. Scotland is not as tolerant as we would like to believe. There is a odious presence in our society. A presence with a superiority complex. It exists in everyday society, but it comes alive in football It exists in all levels of our society, but football is the area where such people feel comfortable in letting it out. However, it’s stinking presence is lying just under the surface in everyday life. Our society is now ill again and if we allow this to continue, we deserve all that is coming. This cancer needs to be cut out or treated.

    We need real men, like Mr Hutton and Mr Adam (May they both rest in peace) and Mr Fergus McCann at the top of our game. They would not stand for anything else other than a level playing field, either in society or in football. Their families can be very proud of them

    For the rest?
    I truly despair.


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