When you’re winning games it’s easier to make light of some bad officiating. The reality is that at some point the horrible standards of SPFL officiating will eventually cost Celtic points. It’s not good enough and today’s game left more head-scratching decisions.

Chris Sutton, usually quite vocal about the standards of refs in Scotland chose sarcasm today over an incident were Ryan Christie is “getting volleyed” off the ball. Andrew Dallas broke records and the internet yesterday when he gave FOUR penalties out at Ibrox, all in favour of the home team.

There has been too much talk, attention and energy every single week giving to the men in black. From top to bottom there needs to be an overhaul and major changes made that would rule out any bias. These are not modern day problems, they have existed for decades. It’s only in Scotland that technology seems to be sending things backwards as it is only used to highlight incompetence.