CELTIC posted a nice story about floodlights being used for the first time at Celtic Park 62 years ago. However, some cheeky fans have taken the opportunity to ask why the Celtic social media team seems obsessed with lights at Celtic Park.

The Celtic admin got it in the neck by referring to Celtic’s lighting system as ‘disco lights’ recently and for using them in a League Cup game against Raith Rovers recently.

As the nights draw in, the use of the lights at Celtic Park will be more and more.

While it is a bit of a spectacle at times, it sometimes feels like contrived, over the top nonsense that almost sanitizes the atmosphere. Just one man’s opinion of course.

Used more sparingly and for certain things could be the way forward – a light show seems a bit much. The huddle going green before a European game is a nice touch, other things, not so much.

These fans enjoyed poking fun at Celtic for their light fetish.

Are you a fan of the ‘disco lights’?


  1. In a word NO! It doesn’t make the atmosphere any better and it doesn’t make the team play better. In my opinion the money could’ve been more wisely invested. It’s a gimmick having said that so was the team last season and they invested more money there lol.


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