JEREMIE FRIMPONG made his Parkhead return on matchday two of the Europa League after leaving Paradise in January of 2021.

After only being with Celtic for a little over a year, the dutch full-back has claimed Celtic was the best part of his career so far.

The exciting talent left Man City to join the then Scottish champions and broke into the first team due to injuries in the right-back position.

When the rumour of his move to Germany was revealed, many fans were shocked at the news – but he has taken time to reflect on his 16 months in Glasgow.

Jeremie categorised his time at Celtic as the best part of his career so far:

“I hardly spoke to my agent. I knew about the interest but not about the agreement. It was crazy, so I couldn’t say goodbye.  [to Man City teammates]

“That was probably the best part of my career so far.

“I thought [after the £11.5m bid from Leverkusen] ‘wow, I am suddenly worth so much from nothing’. And of course, I hoped and thought that I would one day play in a big league. But so soon?” [Het Parool]

After a tough start in the Bundesliga last season, Frimpong is now recognised as a starter for Bayer Leverkusen playing an attacking full-back role.

Frimpong has set up his teammates five times already this season, having only played ten games – so much for someone who lacked a final ball.

It is great to see a former Celtic player perform so well in what is known as one of the “top 5 leagues” in the world.


  1. Yet there were total idiots amongst the Celtic crowd that booed Jérémie on his return. These people should be absolutely ashamed. The folk around me where I sit in the main stand were disgusted with the booing and called for them to stop.

    • Absolutely spot on.

      Kid was a breath of fresh air while he was here and it was an unexpected opportunity for him to play in one of the worlds top leagues.

      it was also a great deal for Celtic so everyone a winner.

      The clowns who booed were very much in the minority.

      Prob same clowns or descendents of those who booed King of Kings on his return with Barca

  2. I didn’t like that he left at the first opportunity but that’s what we sell to these player’s on arrival, play well and you’ll go to a bigger and better league. You have to say it’s a fantastic piece of business for the club, I’d rather he’d have stayed but he might’ve saw the state we were in and thought the time was right to go. I for one wish him all the best he’s going to be a superstar in my humble opinion and he’s a lovely young man and a credit to his family.


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