Last season is one which Celtic supporters were quickly looking to get out of their memory, given all that went wrong throughout the entire 2020/21 campaign.

Several of the playing squad were at the club for the successful years, which saw the Hoops go on to win four trebles in a row. However, last season they looked far off the quality they had possessed in previous years.

This led to some fans questioning players’ ability and attitude, with the majority of the squad getting criticism. One of which was French striker Odsonne Edouard.

As quoted by the Daily Record, the 23-year old frontman has hit out at those claims insisting that they were not true, and he always gave 100% when pulling on the Green and White Hoops.

When asked by talkSPORT host Jim White if he has lost his desire to play for Celtic, he said: “No, this is not true.

“I think the fans said this because all the team played bad last season.

“We didn’t win the title, so they were angry.

“Personally, I always give 100 per cent for the team and 100 per cent on the field.”

Having finished the season off as top goalscorer, I personally don’t believe the claims that Edouard didn’t care or wasn’t trying.

Could he have been better? Absolutely. But last season was absolutely disastrous, and the majority of the side could have been better, given the performances we were seeing on a weekly basis.

For some sections of the support, they will likely choose to hold last season against the Frenchman. However, in my opinion, Edouard brought the club a lot of success and showed in his celebrations that it did mean a lot.

There will be claims which will continue to be made for years to come, and I suppose that is down to a matter of opinion.

But for me, it wasn’t a case of Edouard not caring, it was just a season where everything that could have gone wrong did go wrong, and that was down to other factors off the field as well.


  1. Was definitely Uni tested Even a blind person could see it in his play in Games.You don’t just go from being a great player to Being Not Interested in a season.Good Riddance .Players such as him Cost us 10

  2. The truth is that Eddy never looked like he was ever all in!
    He was a lazy player who always looked like he’d rather be somewhere else other than on a football park!
    But he was effective, no question about that!
    If he showed the same effort Moussa Dembele did his value would have quadrupled.

  3. There was a malaise that collectively affected a lot of the players and their positive attitudes were certainly less than normal. Perhaps they did not fully realise it and the manager was just as guilty as the players.


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