Celtic’s away allocation to games.

It’s been an ongoing issue for a long period of time but the pause button was pressed on it once football was closed to supporters during the pandemic.

Some clubs have cut our allocation making the issue worse, but the crux of it is, many fans are finding it almost impossible to get on the away day ladder and get tickets due to these being wrapped up by the usual buses and supporters.

The argument for these fans is they’ve been going a long time and they continue to put money into the club, they don’t see why they should give up their tickets now if they have been loyally going to games.

However, there has to be some sort of mechanism in place for some fans to get a look in and get their foot on the ladder. There are young fans coming up that can’t get near an away ticket and there are fans who were maybe not in a position to go to away days back when they were a little easier to get but now have the finances and the ambition to follow Celtic around the country.

Celtic are between a rock and a hard place now because I can see both sides of this argument.

There were several posts underneath the latest Celtic FC Ticket social media page once they delivered the eligibility for Celtic’s trip to Easter Road.

Ultimately, there has to be a better way of distributing tickets.

We know the pools office regularly get their hands on some briefs for away days – could that be stopped to offer new fans the opportunity to get to away venues?



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