Former Celtic Boss Brendan Rodgers has been trending on Twitter early Wednesday evening and if you’re a Leicester fan – you might be getting a little bit worried.

The Newcastle takeover has tongues wagging down south as they look to make themselves a major force in the EPL.

To do that, they need elite players but firstly, an elite manager.

Brendan Rodgers has spent the last two and a half years at Leicester winning a trophy with the English side and twice failing to get an elusive top-four spot.

Brendan’s stock down south is still very high since returning from Celtic and as Newcastle get their ducks in a row, it could be the Irishman who has carte blanch to sign some of the top talents in European football.

It might seem like an easy gig but as of next season, there will be so much expectation from the media, pundits and the fans at Newcastle to make things happen quickly. In reality, it can take years to get everything in place – the structure right and the right type of players in to be a major success.

It sounds like a fun challenge but if you have an owner who wants quick results, you could be onto a hiding to nothing.

The former Celtic manager enjoyed unprecedented success in Glasgow before moving to Leicester, winning an invincible treble in his first season. There’s no doubt he’s a great manager and if Leicester fans think he’d be loyal to them – they can think again.

If Brendan believes it’s the right move for his career, he will be gone.


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