IF CELTIC want to get anything from tonight’s game or even improve upon the result suffered in the Camp Nou they have to become stubborn and disciplined.

The whole team was at sea in Barcelona as they jogged past our players in a fantastic display of football that I’d have applauded if it weren’t against the hoops.

Rodgers spoke about going toe to toe with their opponents tonight, however, the Irishman knows deep down a certain amount of pragmatism will be needed.

When Neil Lennon and his team managed a miraculous result it was all down to hard work, from back to front. At the time we exposed their weakness of defending set pieces to get the lead, we then sat back and let them play in front of us. Getting in the way whenever we could and when they managed to get through on goal it was Fraser Forster who denied them again and again. The second goal that night coming from a Fraser Forster punt and a missed interception, there was hardly anyone back for Barca as they chased the equaliser and wallop Tony Watt put us 2-0 up. Messi would claw a goal back but Celtic fought for the victory which would have been physically and emotionally draining,

The same will be needed tonight, although as much as my heart says otherwise, I can’t look past Barca winning comfortably. I’ll happily eat my words if Celtic manage to better the scenario that’s currently playing in my head.

We must go out with no fear, we as Celtic fans live for nights like this. Under the lights, the greatest players in the world in town and when that Champions League music hits the wall of noise will make it another memorable night at Celtic Park against our old rivals Barca.






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