Referee’s in Scotland hardly cover themselves in glory, but they like to talk in the media about how hard a time they get it but never want to discuss the decisions they’ve made during any given game.

The SFA officials rarely get pulled up for such bad performances, you might see the odd referee take on Championship duties for one game if he’s called something horrendously wrong. Most of the time, they are backed and there’s a perception by our governing body that they should not be criticised and held to account.

It boggles my mind why Kevin Clancy has decided to take on an interview with a well-known media outlet in Scotland days before the new season kicks-off. The whistler ramps up the heat for himself in what he says.

Clancy claims the heat will be on like never before because of what’s at stake. Why what’s at stake should matter to any referee inside any ground on any matchday is beyond this writer. Every decision should be taken with the game in mind and never the stakes – it shouldn’t come into it for the ref.

Yes, during a big game you might see an official handle a one-off situation a little differently than usual to keep a lid on things but in general – we shouldn’t have our referees in the press talking like this.


  1. Let us Tim’s let these mutants know that we’re the best team in Scotland by far.
    You’ve got to say the mighty Glasgow CELTIC have done amazingly fantastic as we all know that we live in a pathetic hun society.The majority of these deluded refs will be all out to try and hamper our quest for 10IAR.This coming season is going to be our title again and the klan know it.HH


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