COVID has been part of every conversation since March 2020, after the virus first arrived in the country we expected to be back to normal by now, but we’re not. We have a potential lockdown on the horizon with restrictions coming back into our lives.

Down south we have seen a rapid increase in cases resulting in matches being postponed, luckily this has not been a major problem in Scotland, yet. The SFA and SPFL, along with the Scottish Government should be proactive, not reactive.

The winter break, which is due to be in January, should be brought forward in light of the current situation where case numbers are rising. The fixtures for this month should be rescheduled for the remainder of the season.

The break should only come to a finish when it is safe to do so, for fans and for payers. If no fans are permitted into stadiums, the break should be extended as any lockdown enforced will only be to stop the uncontrollable amount of rising cases growing out of control.

It will be hard to put a halt to the season, but benefits would also come to Celtic. If the winter break was to be moved forward star players like Jota and Kyogo could be fully fit when the season restarts.



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