Some Celtic fans are irate over the Daily Record’s handling of the Leigh Griffiths story. minutes after the news was broken by Brendan Rodgers the Scottish publication came out with an insensitive headline in which it detailed what was allegedly going on with the Celtic striker.

Rodgers was very careful in the press conference and spoke very well as he detailed Leigh’s ‘ongoing issues’ as he explained his striker needs to take some time away from the game for the good of his own mental health.

The Record chose to publish the following headline.

It was insensitive to say the very least and without thought or hesitation put the player’s problems into the public domain in a brash manner.

Some Celtic fans have taken exception to this and want Celtic to act.

Leigh is in a very bad place and to see that sort of headline is poor.

‘They were out of order with the headline. It’s too late for toning down. They’ve put it out there now and it’s everywhere. Celtic should explore the legal options available against the record.’ One Celtic Fan exclaimed.

@AitkinsDrum Wrote: ‘Making this public means he’ll be taunted about gambling at every football ground from here on out.

‘Doesn’t matter if that’s what his actual issue is, he’ll be bombarded with gambling “banter”

‘Reprehensible from a newspaper.’

‘So a personal medical record is on public display? Seriously I mean what the fook? BTW I’m ragin!!!’ Wrote @Dbestseventy2

‘Imagine making that the headline,Brendan never once mentioned what it was in his press conference and you hit out with that so much for personal,not even a bit of support for the countries main striker,least he will have the support from all the Celtic Supporter & decent people’ said @lloydbhoy90


The Celtic family has rallied around their star and the outpouring of support has been phenomenal.

Any decent person wants to see Leigh get back to his best for himself and his family. Hopefully, he will be kept away from such headlines in the near future.


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