The Australian consortium led by Celtic fan and football agent Lou Sticca has won one of the brand new slots in the A-League for the 2019/20 season.

The Franchise which will begin building their stadium, club and squad shortly was one of two new clubs who have been granted a licence to join the league after much deliberation and campaigning.

Speaking about the news, the new club, named Western Melbourne sent out this statement on their official website after the news broke.

“Western Melbourne Group will build a sports precinct with a purpose-built football stadium as a centrepiece for an A-League team,”

“The stadium will be designed from a football and fan perspective, with seats as close to the pitch as possible and a steeper rake for greater atmosphere.”

The consortium boast they will build and own their own stadium and will have an adjoining state of the art training complex to help nurture young Australian talent.

So, what has this news got to do with Celtic?

Well, for the past few months, Lou Sticca has told the press he would love to bring Scott Brown to Australia as his ‘marquee signing’ as he looks to build a team worthy of not only competing in the A-league but challenging for the title.

It seemed like pie in the sky a few months ago with Brown almost certain to sign a new Celtic deal and the Australian club uncertain if it would get a licence.

Since then, Scott Brown has found himself on the outside of the team with Callum McGregor playing so well in Scott’s natural position.

Speaking a few months ago Sticca said:“I probably shouldn’t say this but I’m an unabashed Celtic fan. I’ve been dealing with the club as an agent for over a decade now and with Peter Lawwell.”

“So I want to be the last person ever to weaken Celtic Football Club.“I’m not trying to steal Scott brown away from Celtic. All I’ve done is ask a question.

“Ultimately it’ll be up to Scott as to whether he wants to continue on at Celtic or look to pastures new.

“My position is very simple. I’m not trying to undermine Celtic – far from it – but if and when Scott decides to move on I want to ensure that Australia is at the forefront of his thinking.

“That’s because I believe Scott Brown in a country like Australia would be a raging success.”

If Scott is now offered a deal by Western Melbourne he has the chance to spearhead a brand new team.

However, it still seems highly unlikely with the Celtic Captain still enjoying life at Celtic and there is a certain amount of tunnel vision from the Celtic lads who are determined to do their best to procure ten in a row.

To be offered a lot of cash to go play in a new, warmer climate for a few years would be tempting to anyone though.






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